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Exterior Stain


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About Exterior Stain

Tools and Preparation checklist: 

  • Premium Exterior Stain
  • Stir sticks

  • Stain Brushes

  • Deck cleaner or deck stripper if you need to remove an existing coating

  • Cut in pail (Handy Paint Pail and Liners, if you do a lot of staining and especially if you have ladder work to do. These paint pails have a handle that allows you to still hold onto the ladder, yet have the paint pot hanging on the backside of your hand)

  • Paint trays
  • Liners for Paint trays

  • Painters tape

  • Rags

  • Drop cloths

  • Extension poles and/or Ladders, depending on height required

  • Sandpaper (pole sanders work extremely well with 80-100 grit)

Common Myths:

  • High Quality Wood Stains Do Not Peel - FALSE Regardless of the product used, if the substrate is not properly prepared  a coating can peel. Follow all manufacturers recommendations.
  • Applying With A Roller Is Best -  FALSE In order to ensure proper penetration, brushes work best. We carry specialized brushes that can be attached to a broom handle to make application easier.
  • New Wood Surfaces Don ‘t Need To  Be Prepped - FALSE You must clean and prepare the surface. Generally 80 grit sandpaper for vertical surfaces, and 120 grit for deck surfaces.

Exterior Stain Do’s and Don’ts



  1. Sand All Surfaces - Proper surface preparation is the key to any successful project. Coatings require a clean, sound surface free of dirt, dust, mildew, mill glaze and loose fibres. Briskly sand all surfaces with 80 grit sandpaper or chemically clean & brighten as recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Ensure Wood is Dry - A  simple “water based test” should be performed to ensure absorption of coating. Sprinkle a few drops of water on your surface – if the water absorbs quickly in, the surface should be safe to finish.
  3. Follow Directions - Take a few moments to read over the supplied manufacturers instructions. Every product has some unique applications which should always be adhered to.


  1. Coat Wet Wood - If moisture is visible, or it has rained, or has been washed recently, the wood is too wet to stain! Wood can be dry to the touch, but still have moisture deep within! Allow at least 48 - hours of dry weather before staining.

  2. Apply In Direct Sunlight - Hot surface temperatures force dry products before they can properly penetrate which can result in product failure. If you can’t hold your hand on to the surface, it is way to hot! Between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius is a good guideline.

  3. Over Apply - Follow manufacturers recommended number of coats. Too little or too much can result in premature coating failure.

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SouthPointe Paint and Decor carry exterior wood stain from superior manufactures, Benjamin Moore Arborcoat, PPG SICO, Sansin and Coronado Maxum Stain. We’ve got you covered with the perfect wood stain for your project: decks, fences, lattice, railings, siding, shakes, shingles, docks, log and wood siding, garage doors, trim and outdoor furniture.
These wood stains and finishes are designed to provide unrivalled looks, durability and performance on all types of exterior wood. The team at SouthPointe Paint and Decor in Calgary will help you find the perfect wood stain or finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in your project.We’ll show you how to properly prepare wood surfaces and how to apply stain so it is protected against extreme weather conditions and UV rays.

Calgary weather extremes such as snow, heat, sun and rain, which can take a toll on exposed wood. Our stains protect year-round against damage from UV exposure, moisture, mould and mildew, while offering a premium appearance that maximizes the beauty of wood.

Choosing Opacity



Natural/translucent and transparent stains are available in the most popular pre-mixed colours: natural, redwood, teak, cedar, mahogany and grey. Semi transparent and semi solid stains are available in abundant colours and solid stains can be custom tinted with any of our manufacture colours giving you unlimited possibilities.

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