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Waterborne Amine Epoxy V440

2-Component Amine Adduct Epoxy
Moderate- to heavy-duty protection in commercial environments exposed to frequent foot traffic and occasional traffic of lightweight rubber-tired vehicles, intermittent spillage of mild chemicals,  occasional steam cleaning and powerwashing.
Recommended for Properly Prepared and/or Primed Steel, Iron, Concrete, NonFerrous Metals, Wood & Drywall. V440 is designed for use in food and beverage processing plants, warehouses, industrial refurbishment, healthcare facilities, schools, industrial and commercial flooring, and other areas where a performance epoxy is needed without the odour concerns that accompany conventional solvent thinned epoxies.

Colours: Clear (00), White (01), Silver Gray (70), Battleship Gray (75)

Component Polyamide Epoxy

Polyamide Epoxy Coating is a multi-use epoxy designed for tanks, machinery, floors, structural members, walls, boats, and other industrial and commercial substrates requiring a durable coating in severe environments. Floors: moderate- to heavy-duty performance in commercial/industrial environments exposed to heavy foot traffic and occasional traffic of lightweight rubber-tired vehicles, intermittent spillage of mild to heavier chemicals, occasional steam and chemical cleaning. Metal: excellent for use on ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and galvanized metal.

Colours: Clear (00), Safety Yellow (10), Safety Red (20), Silver Gray (70), Battleship Gray (75), Black (80), Tintable White (86)

100% Solids Epoxy V430

2-Component Cycloaliphatic Amine Epoxy recommended for use on bare or previously coated concrete – interior floor applications only. This product will amber and chalk if exposed to ultraviolet light. Heavy-duty protection from a 100% solids epoxy for demanding industrial/ commercial environments exposed to heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, constant moisture, intermittent strong chemical spills, and frequent cleaning with chemicals, steam and power washers.

Colours: Clear (00), White (01), Silver Gray (70)


Acrylic Metal Primer V110

Acrylic Metal Primer is a water-reducible, rust-inhibitive primer for steel, iron, and non-ferrous metal. It provides excellent adhesion to a range of hard-to-coat surfaces and can even be applied over tightly adhering rust. Designed for light-to-moderate industrial exposures, this product can be top coated with a wide variety of coatings.

  • High solids content
  • Low odour; suitable for occupied areas
  • Can be recoated in just 4 hours
  • This product has been approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for use in Food Processing Facilities.
  • Qualifies for LEED certification
  • Colours: White (01), Red (20).

Waterborne Bonding Primer V175

Waterborne Bonding Primer is a one-component bonding primer that may also be used as a rust-inhibitive universal primer. This product bonds to various metals creating a solid foundation for finishing coats. Designed for use as a bonding coat on Chrome, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Galvanized Metal and Stainless Steel. This product may also be used on ferrous metals and will offer a high degree of corrosion resistance when used with the proper topcoats. Must be topcoated. 

Replaces Traditional wash coat primers with a safer easier to use coating

  • Low VOC and no HAPS solvents
  • Bonds to tough metal substrates including chrome, brass, stainless and aluminum
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
  • Qualifies for LEEDS credits

Shop Prime V142

Shop Primer is an economical steel primer for commercial use in mild to moderate exposures. This product is ideal as a temporary transport coat on fabricated pieces or as an economical barrier primer. It is a temporary coating. This primer may be top-coated with a wide variety of finishes. However, finishes containing strong solvents (Ketones, Xylene, Toluene) may cause wrinkling or lifting of Shop Primer.

Recommended for Steel and Iron. Corotech® Shop Primer is designed for the General Metal Finishing and Fabrication Market, as well as the Industrial Maintenance Market. It is not intended for severe chemically corrosive environments, immersionservice or non-ferrous metals.

  • Economical protective coat 
  • Accepts a wide variety of topcoats
  •  Dry to the touch in 30 minutes
  • Colours: Red (20), Gray (70)

Universal Metal Primer V132

Prep All Universal Metal Primer is an economical, single-component primer specifically engineered for direct application to ferrous metal surfaces subjected to mildly corrosive exposures. This quick-drying, rust-inhibitive formula provides fast production times and years of protection against corrosion. Formulated for air spraying, it can also be applied by airless and HVLP sprayers, brushes, or rollers.

  • Fast 30 minute dry- Re-coat in 4 hours
  • Tie coat for all High Performance Coatings
  • High Solids
  • Barrier corrosion protection on all ferrous metals
  • Phenolic based for improved performance
  • Colours: White, Red or Grey


Light Duty Protective Coatings

Alkyds, Acrylics and Waterborne Epoxies

These durable and applicator friendly products are ideal for use in less demanding industrial and commercial environments. Our light duty assortment is easy to understand, with Devprime® alkyd primers, Devlac® alkyd finishes, Devcryl® acrylic finishes, and Tru-Glaze-WB® waterborne epoxies.



Devprime 1401

A rust inhibitive primer for use over properly prepared steel. A general purpose shop primer, Devprime 1401 offers low cost, easy application and low VOC. An economical general purpose shop primer for structural steel in mild industrial and commercial environments. Suitable for use on metal parts, fabricated structures, machinery and other ferrous metal surfaces.Colours: Red, Grey.

Devprime 1403

A heavy duty, high quality, rust inhibitive alkyd primer for use over properly prepared steel. A high performance shop primer with high volume solids providing increased coverage rates and one coat application. A high quality, superior anti-corrosive primer formulated to coat structural steel, miscellaneous fabricated parts, machinery and other fabricated ferrous metal surfaces. Recoatable with a wide variety of alkyd finishes and a range of epoxy and polyurethane finishes. Colours: Red, Grey.

Devprime 1409

A high solids, rust-inhibitive, interior-exterior alkyd primer for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metal including galvanized metal and aluminium. Ideal for structural steel, tank exteriors, piping and equipment. Excellent for use as a barrier coat when applied over sound aged oil or alkyd finishes which are to be topcoated with heavy-duty coatings. This product has exceptional resistance to exterior weathering, making it suitable for use as a shop primer. May be topcoated on ferrous metal with epoxy and urethane coatings as well as conventional alkyd and latex products. Colours: Red, Grey.

Primer or Finish

Devcryl 1440

A low VOC, single component, rust inhibitive water borne acrylic for use as a primer or finish applied directly to properly prepared metal, concrete or wood surfaces. Intended for exposure in a wide variety of environments including offshore structures, bridges, refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants.

Devlac 1431

A premium quality low VOC alkyd gloss enamel for use on machinery, equipment, piping and tanks. Suitable for areas of limited chemical exposure where an economical single pack finish coat is required. As a cosmetic finish coat for alkyd based systems intended for both interior and exterior exposure. Free of mercury, lead and chromate hazards.

Tru-Glaze 4420

Tru-Glaze are high performance, low volatile organic compound (VOC) waterborne epoxy coatings, that are excellent for use in commercial, institutional and light industrial applications where high durability and stain-resistant finishes are required.

Polyurethane Finish

Devthane 379

A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic urethane gloss finish. For use on properly prepared and primed steel, concrete or steel floors, masonry, drywall, plaster, metal, concrete block, galvanized, aluminum, poured concrete and glazed brick. Ideal for use on exterior or interior structural steel, piping, metal buildings, control cabinetry, conveyors, pumps, storage tank exteriors, motors, machinery, and transportation vehicles. Can also be used in the hard service areas of food processing plants, dairies, schools, restaurants, hospitals, correctional facilities, factories, stadiums, arenas, and amusement parks. Colours: White, custom and ready-mix colors. Gloss finish.


Surface tolerant epoxy

Bar-Rust 235

Bar-Rust 235 is a high performance, multi-purpose, surface tolerant, two-component chemically-cured epoxy semi-gloss coating. For use on properly prepared steel or masonry surfaces including immersion (non-potable water) service. Ideal for structural steel, piping, storage tank exteriors, machinery, and equipment in petroleum refineries, pulp and paper mills, chemical and fertilizer plants, and sewage treatment plants. Colours: Off White, custom and ready-mix colors.


Insl-x Primers

Stix® Waterborne Bonding Primer | SXA-110

Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium-quality, acrylic-urethane primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to the most challenging surfaces, including glossy tile, PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, glazed block, glossy paint, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and galvanized metals.

  • Bonds to "hard-to-coat" surfaces

  • Cures in temperatures as low as 35° F (1.57° C)

  • Creates an extremely hard film

  • Excellent enamel holdout

  • Can be top coated with almost any product

  • Low odor

Seal Lock® Plus | IL-6800

Seal Lock Plus is an alcohol-based interior primer/sealer that stops bleeding on plaster, wood, metal, and masonry. It helps block and lock down odours from smoke and fire damage and is an ideal replacement for pigmented shellac. Seal Lock Plus may be used as a primer for porous substrates or as a sealer/stain blocker.

  • Alternative to shellac
  • Excellent stain blocker
  • Seals porous surfaces
  • Dries tack free in 15 minutes

Odor Less | NO-4000

Odor Less is a low odor, modified synthetic primer-sealer carried in a special solvent that dries quickly and is effective over many different stains, including: water, tannin, smoke, rust, pencil, ink, nicotine, and coffee. Odor Less primes, seals, and protects and can be used on bare or previously painted surfaces; interior drywall, plaster, wood, or masonry; and exterior masonry surfaces. Can be used as a spot primer for exterior wood shingles/composition siding.

  • Virtually odorless, solvent-based sealer
  • Seals hard-to-cover stains
  • Quick-dry formula allows for same-day priming and topcoating
  • Top-coat with alkyd or latex paints of any sheen

Aqua Lock® Plus | AQ-0400

Aqua Lock Plus is a multipurpose, 100% acrylic, water-based primer/sealer for outstanding everyday stain blocking on a variety of surfaces. It adheres to interior and exterior surfaces and can be top-coated with latex or oil-based coatings.

  • Blocks tough stains
  • Provides a mould-resistant coating, including in high-humidity areas
  • Quick drying
  • Topcoat in 1 hour
  • No solvent odour

Prime Lock Plus | PS-8000

Prime Lock Plus is a fast-drying alkyd resin coating that primes and seals plaster, wood, drywall, and previously painted or varnished surfaces. It ensures the paint topcoat has consistent sheen and appearance (excellent enamel holdout), seals even the toughest stains without raising the wood grain, and can be top-coated with any latex or alkyd finish coat.

  • High hiding, multipurpose primer/sealer
  • Superior adhesion to glossy surfaces
  • Seals stains from water stains, smoke damage, and more
  • Prevents bleed-through
  • Excellent enamel holdout

Fire Retardant Paint | FR-110

Fire Retardant Paint expands and forms a thick cellular char blanket, called intumescence, when attacked by flame. This latex paint retards flame spread, minimizes smoke development, and applies like a conventional latex flat paint.

  • Slows the spread of fire and smoke
  • Chemical reaction forms intumescence
  • For commercial & residential use
  • Low-VOC, low odor paint
  • Dries to a decorative matte finish

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