About SouthPointe Paint & Decor in South-East Calgary

Located on one of South-East Calgary’s main thoroughfares, 114th Avenue, SouthPointe Paint & Décor has been the areas number one independent, locally owned and operated paint and design centre. With a recent move to a new location to expand and better service our clients, SouthPointe Paint and Décor continues to specialize in Benjamin Moore’s premium paints and stains, as well as have one of the largest collections of wallpaper books in Calgary. Featuring blinds from such vendors as Elite Blinds, Maxxmar Window Fashions, and Altex., they are sure to have all your window covering options available. They are also the area’s largest independent retailer of premium brands like Messmers, TimberPro and Saman.

“SouthPointe Paint & Décor, can easily be described by a few words,” explains David Allan, Owner, “Community and Family. We are part of the community, and we bring that feel good family business mentality in all that we do.” “When I first opened this store in 2006, I envisioned a place similar to what our grandparents would have been used to, a place where they knew you, and a place where you knew the owners.” “I honestly don’t know how many people I have met and hands I have shaken, however I can tell you I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the next days to come, to meet many more people of our community!”

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and simply be there for our customers as they embark on a path of personal creative expression.

Our Staff

At SouthPointe Paint & Décor, we strive to have enthusiastic , friendly staff that are excited to help customers using creative thinking and a strong product knowledge. When customers come in, you will see the same friendly faces you have come to trust over the years, eager to help get the next project started.

Our Community

Our store is part of a community. A community that is rapidly growing, becoming more diverse, and vibrant. We are proud to be here, and excited that customers come to us to help them to create a space that is uniquely their own, and represents who they are.

Our Products

In a day and age, in which you can get anything “cheap,” at any numbers of stores, we have chosen to fill our store with quality. It will always be about quality, we are simply passionate about this. We want to provide the consumer with product and tools that we use, that the professionals use. Premium brands, and quality tools. This will help the consumer ensure they are able to get their project done, and be able to take pride in what they have created.