Custom Paint Matching at SouthPointe Paint & Decor in Calgary

Need to refresh a wall, but can’t find the original paint? Have a colour you fell in love with that isn’t a Benjamin Moore swatch?

We pride ourselves on being able to custom match just about anything! Sometimes we use the spectrophotometer to get started, but most often, our expert colour match team is using nothing but their well trained eyes to get the colour spot on! Our matches usually take about an hour, as manual matches take a little longer, but are far more accurate.

What we need from you:

  1. A physical sample of the colour- if taken from a previous painted surface, aim for at least 2” in diameter. The bigger the sample, the better the match
  2. If the colour is a competitors colour swatch, we have most all fan decks- so often the name and company will suffice.

**please note that, while our matches are top notch in the industry, matched touch-ups from years earlier can not be guaranteed as sheen and colour will age over time.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colours